DR. BELTER Man Eye Expert 15ml

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Eye care for men: 
/_uploaded_files/skin_products_list_clip_image009.gifmoisturizing with natural extracts
/_uploaded_files/skin_products_list_clip_image009.gifreduces the look of puffiness
/_uploaded_files/skin_products_list_clip_image009.gifsmoothes the look of wrinkles while toning through hydration 
/_uploaded_files/skin_products_list_clip_image009.gifreduces the appearance of wrinkles
The DR.BELTER® MAN line offers specific care for demanding male skin. The product formulas consider the special needs and properties of male skin.

Skincare for men is an expression of their desire to improve their looks. Care products which are formulated to suit the needs of men are simply a must-have in every salon and spa. The DR.BELTER®-»MAN« line offers specific care for demanding male skin as demonstrated by scientific research. The skin is optimally cared for and radiates vitality.