DR. BELTER Intensa Derm-A-ReNew Skin Renewal Fluid 10% 30ml

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A light non-greasy exfoliation cream for the skin with natural fruit acids and glycolic acid. This fluid is best for oily or combination skin types but can be used on all skin types. This fluid will slough off dead skin cell and improve the texture of the skin for a fresher and younger look. 
Apply AHA fluid 10% to clean, dry skin at night. Massage onto all affected areas until completely absorbed. Allow to dry, after 1 hour a light moisturizser can be applied if desired. For normal skin use daily, if sensitive use 2-3 times per week. If dryness or sensitivity occurs stop use (take a break) and resume when skin can tolerate. Wash hands after application.
Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. If irritation to skin persists discontinue use and consult a physician. AHA can cause sun burning to the skin, prior to sun exposure use sunscreen on areas where AHA was applied, limit sun exposure. Product application must be of limited frequency.
The »intensa« care series encompasses intensive products, suitable either for all skin types, or to address particular beauty issues or special skin situations for occasional application. The application spectrum addresses individual skin needs, effectively supporting the natural beauty of the skin and its youthful radiance.
Moisturizing beauty treatment ......
at DR.BELTER® COSMETIC this means taking an individual approach to the special needs of the skin with the help of special preparations, highly concentrated hydrating substances, soften the epidermis, adding natural effective substance compounds or exquisite moistuizing oils to the products.
 Fruit acids are a well proven and natural method for exfoliation and sloughing away dead skin cells from the skin to reveal the alive and fresh skin underneath. Dead cells on the skin clog pores and make the face look dull, therefore it is important to exfoliate the skin regularly to keep pores looking small and skin looking smooth and revitalized. 
All skin types can benefit from fruit acid peels containing AHA or glycolic acid, it is especially good at improving the texture of the skin making it softer and more beautiful to look at. It can be used on aging and younger skin types that have oily skin. It is typically used on wrinkles, dark spots and oily prone skin.