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YON-KA Essential White Creme Lumiere 50ml

YON-KA Essential White Creme Lumiere 50ml

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Fade dark spots and indulge your skin with this duo that features two brand new products: 

Creme Lumiere
This powerful yet silky brightening daily treatment is the key element of your fight against dull and uneven complexion as well as dark spots. It’s truly innovative formula features a patented and extremely efficient active ingredient, time –defying Vitamin C, which will deeply control the pigmentation process. As a result, this most efficient Vitamin C will correct dark spots and prevent new pigment spots from developing. Additionally, anti-aging and hydrating ingredients will provide ultimate comfort and a smoother look. In just a few weeks, the complexion is unified as discoloration is drastically reduced. Now protected, your skin glows with new-found brightness, and remains perfectly balanced.

Soothe and hydrate skin while correcting dark spots and preventing new pigment spots from developing

Daily, in the morning and evening, after cleansing and spraying on Lotion Yon-Ka, apply a few drops of the Solution Clarte on the face, neck and neckline and massage in the product. Do not rinse. Next, apply the Crème Lumiere to the face, neck and neckline.
Crème Lumiere
Proven and effective clinical results:
Complexion radiance: + 98%*
Pigments contrasts: - 97% *
An anti-aging and brightening cream for an even and radiant complexion in just 28 days

*Maximum results obtained on 30 people – 40 to 62 years with pigment discolorations on the face – Crème was applied morning and evening.

Solution Clarte
Proven and Effective Clinical Results:
• The Exfoliation of Skin Cells Was Improved by +20%
• Both the clarity and evenness of the complexion was improved by +66%
Your skin will look fresh and bright; firm and smooth within days.

*Results were obtained after 10 days of clinical testing on 16 subjects
**Study on product effectiveness included 22 women in ranging age. Participants applied SOLUTION CLARTE twice a day for a four week period.

Crème Lumiere
50 ml.
Time-defying Vitamin C, Beech bud peptide, Hyaluronic acid, Apple Extract, Vitamin A and E.

Solution Clarte
30 ml
Ficus flower, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Brown Algae, Polysaccharides, Apple Extract


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