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CHARME D'ORIENT Distilled Orange Blossom Water 150ml

CHARME D'ORIENT Distilled Orange Blossom Water 150ml

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Orange Blossom Floral Water is known for its toning, refreshing, and calming properties.
It softens and soothes the skin. Orange Blossom is the perfect treatment for dry, fragile and sensitive skin. It prevents itching due to sunburn, calms the eyelids and prevents the appearance of brown spots.
As a toner, it gets rid of all impurities and cleanses residue for a complete makeup removal. Prepares the skin for face cream.


The orange tree is known for its fruit rich in vitamin C and also for its flowers (which blossom in April and May). In the ancient times, the orange blossom was used to make crowns for a marrying couple.
Once macerated and distilled, the orange blossom produces an essential oil and a water (or hydrolysate). It is also used in the perfume and cosmetics industries.
The Floral Water Orange Blossom can be applied as a toner using a cotton on the face, including the eye area.


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