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CHARME D'ORIENT Distilled Rose Water 150ml

CHARME D'ORIENT Distilled Rose Water 150ml

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The Rose Water suits all skin types, it has a soothing, moisturizing and toning effect on the skin. Not recommended for very sensitive skin.
Purifying and astringent excellent for oily skin. Anti-wrinkle and firming for sagging skin.
It revives the complexion, soothes irritation and leaves a delicate scent.


Rose water is a by-product of the hydro distillation of rose petals (primarily, for the manufacture of rose essential oils). It has a strong fragrance and rose scent. The distillation process consist of first boiling and condensing vapors and then steaming the volatile substances of the plant in a still. Rose water is also used in the cosmetics industry as a fragrance.
Since the Romans and Cleopatra, rose water is a product that has survived through centuries.
Could be used as a toner, it gets rid of all impurities and cleanses residue for a complete make-up removal. The skin is now ready for face cream. Use cotton and apply it on the face and also on the eyelid. You can spray it on your face as a fresh feeling.


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