CAMILLEN 60 Peeling Gel Aloe & Olive (Soothing Scrub to Gently Remove Callus & Dry Skin) 500ml

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Fine exfoliating particles of olive seeds and natural loofah gently remove callus and dead skin cells. It is cleansing and smoothing the skin while the unique mixture of valuable olive oil and aloe vera leaves the skin velvety soft, regulates the moisture content of the skin and protects against dehydration.

ideal for smoothing the skin of the feet after removing callus by filing or rasping
• panthenol and bisabolol soothe and nourish irritated skin
• suitable for all skin types

• ingredients:
olive seeds, loofah particles, olive oil, aloe vera, bisabolol, panthenol

Apply a small amount to the feet and gently massage in for about 2 minutes until the gel is absorbed by the skin. Then remove the particles and apply a moisturising lotion to the skin.