CAMILLEN 60 Nail Oil 20ml (Strengthens Brittle and Cracked Nails) (expiry Nov/2023)

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To enhance the skin and nail structure.

Includes keratin to enhance the skin and nail structure. Leaves brittle and cracked nails resilient and healthy. The high quality active ingredients bisabolol, algae extract and provitamin B5 provide effective care and support the natural skin and nail renewal process. The antimicrobial and fungicidal properties of usnic acid (extracted from the beard moss) combined with the anti-inflammatory and skin-caring properties of the gromwell root offer optimal protection to sensitive skin and nail rims.

  • nourishes the cuticles soft and elastic, thereby tearing prevents
  • regularly maintained cuticles can be pushed back slightly
  • protects the nail bed under heavy load
  • protects the nail edges and keeps it supple
  • contains valuable anti-inflammatory agents

Usage: Apply one drop of nail oil daily and rub gently into the nails and cuticles.