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CAMILLEN 60 Ice Gel (Cooling & Moisturizing)

CAMILLEN 60 Ice Gel (Cooling & Moisturizing)

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Camillen 60 Ice-Gel has a pleasantly cooling effect on stressed skin and is particularly recommended for application after extended periods of standing, intensive sporting activity or a long day’s hiking.

Camillen 60 Ice-Gel contains active skin-protecting camomile ingredients, astringent and toning witch-hazel extract, itch-relieving and highly cooling menthol and Japanese peppermint oil. The gel’s alcohol content actively supports the excellent cooling effect. It penetrates the skin rapidly and acts as a disinfectant. The skin’s natural oil generation is promoted by substances that care for the skin and protect it against dehydration.

  • cools and refreshes hot and stressed feet especially after extensive strain
  • soothes itchiness
  • protects against inflammations
  • gel absorbs quickly and allows to dress feet immediately

Usage: Apply as desired to cleansed feet. Cools and refreshes hot, stressed feet.



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