CAMILLEN 60 Fudes Spray (Athletes Feet Treatment) (Expiry Feb/2024)

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Antibacterial ingredients and alcohol disinfect and cleanse.

The active ingredients obtained from the camomile, gromwell root and the Asian marsh pennywort provide effective care for the sensitive between-toe zones where the skin is vulnerable and often subject to irritation. The antimicrobial and fungicidal properties of undecylenic acid and usnic acid (obtained from beard moss) enhance the hygienic effect and prevent athlete’s foot. Apply regularly for optimal anti-fungal protection.

  • protects lastingly against athlete’s foot
  • specifically suitable for care and protection of the sensitive area between the toes
  • contains anti-inflammatory active substances
  • regenerates rough and stressed skin
  • also specifically suitable for protection and care on the go (sports, sauna, swimming pool)

Usage: Spray feet several times daily. After showering and after walking barefoot (in the swimming pool, or after sports). Spray into shoes for disinfection.