CAMILLEN 60 Fudes Solution 20ml (Nail Fungus Treatment)

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Protect and care for skin, toenails and fingernails

A combination of antibacterial substances, benzoic acid, usnic acid and the antimycotic properties of undecylenic acid provide skin and nails with long-lasting protection against fungal attack.

The anti-inflammatory properties of bisabolol, the high quality active ingredients extracted from the witch hazel together with the proven effect of panthenol (also known as provitamin 5) combine to protect and care for skin, toenails and fingernails, make them attractive and resilient and help keep their natural appearance. Regular application protects against broken and brittle nails, prevents fungal infection.

  • nourishing and protecting oil for long-term use
  • provides lasting protection against fungal infections to the skin, toe nails and finger nails
  • with anti-inflammatory active substances
  • nourishes skin, toe nails and finger nails to keep them attractive and elastic
  • protects against cracked and fragile nails

Usage: Daily or twice a drop FUDES solution applied on nails and skin and massage. Be sure to regularly apply to permanently protect against fungal attack.