CAMILLEN 60 FRESH FOAM Hydra 10% Urea (Very Dry Skin) 150ml

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Foam repair balm for very dry feet

n addition to the FRESHUP complex, includes 10% urea, balances moisture loss, softens the skin, makes it elastic and more resistant. For the care of very dry skin, aloe vera gel is additionally being used, which presents excellent skin-calming and protective merits.

• for very dry foot skin
• with 10% urea and aloe vera
• non-greasy, quickly absorbed

This active substance combination of camomile oil, combined with bisabolol, glycerine, panthenol and grape-seed oil, cares for and protects stressed foot skin.

Usage: Shake before use and hold the foam cap down while applying. Massage an about cherry-size amount evenly and gently into the cleaned skin daily.