CAMILLEN 60 Foot Bath Concentrate Classic Fresh 200ml

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A soothing foot bath that cleanses, refreshes, stimulates and cares for tired, aching feet.

The Camillen 60 Foot Bath deodorizes, disinfects and the antimycotic properties of undecylenic acid effectively prevent athlete’s foot. Palmitic acid extracted from the coconut promotes the skin’s natural oil generation, makes skin smooth and supple. The ideal basis for foot care or the application of other Camillen 60 foot care products.

  • nourishes and enlivens tired and stressed feet
  • blocks odour
  • protects against athlete’s foot
  • refatting substances nourish the skin, rendering it smooth and soft, and protect it against dehydration
  • prepares skin perfectly for the application of further foot care products

Usage: Mix approx. 15 ml foot bath in a bowl together with about 5 litres of warm water. Bathe feet for a minimum of 5 minutes.