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CAMILLEN 60 Foot Balm Thermal 100ml

CAMILLEN 60 Foot Balm Thermal 100ml

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Warms and cares for highly stressed foot skin in the cold winter period.

Active ingredients carefully extracted from the ginger root have a warming effect and, in conjunction with camphor, offer effective protection against cold feet. Allantoin together with active camomile constituents and gently effective eucerin make the foot’s skin soft and resilient. In short, pleasantly relaxing care for stressed feet in the winter months.

  • warming care substances provide protection against cold feet during the cold time of the year; also in the evening before going to bed
  • provides comforting relaxation for stressed feet
  • nourishes feet to render them soft and smooth
  • protects against inflammations
  • prevents athlete’s foot
  • regenerates highly stressed foot skin

Usage: Apply in the mornings and evenings to cleansed feet; rub in gently for two minutes.



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