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CAMILLEN 60 Foot Balm Original For Daily foot Care 100ml

CAMILLEN 60 Foot Balm Original For Daily foot Care 100ml

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Premium quality balm for daily application to stimulate and refresh tired, stressed feet. Acts against calluses, prevents chapped heels and rough skin. Makes skin soft and supple and effectively protects against sore feet.

The important camomile constituents, the ethereal oil with its high bisabolol content, camomile extract and the azulene soothe the skin, inhibit inflammation, are antibacterial and antimycotic. Menthol and camphor stimulate and refresh the skin and relieve itching. Allantoin promotes cell regeneration, is keratolytic and makes rough and cracked skin smooth and supple.

  • reduces callus
  • prevents cracked heels and rough skin
  • protects against inflammation
  • prevents fungal infections
  • reduces itchiness
  • supports wound healing
  • provides effective protection against sore feet

Usage: Apply to cleaned feet in the mornings and evenings, rub in gently for two minutes. enlivens and refreshes tired and stressed feet.



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