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CAMILLEN 60 Cuticle Cream (prevents tearing of cuticles) 30ml

CAMILLEN 60 Cuticle Cream (prevents tearing of cuticles) 30ml

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The keratolytic action of willow bark extract and salicylic acid helps make dry and brittle cuticles pleasantly soft, resilient and easily pushed back.

Prevents tearing of cuticles. Active anti-inflammatory ingredients obtained from the camomile, calendula, liquorice root together with panthenol protect and care for the nail wall and the sensitive skin zones. Camillen 60 Cuticle Cream simplifies cuticle care and offers effective protection.

  • nourishes cuticles to render them soft and elastic, avoiding tearing
  • regularly groomed cuticles are pushed back easily
  • protects nail bed against extreme strains
  • protects nail edges and keeps them smooth
  • contains valuable anti-inflammatory active substances

Usage: Rub into cuticles and nails once to twice daily.



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