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BIOLINE BODY CONCEPT Scrub Gourmet 60g X 5pcs

BIOLINE BODY CONCEPT Scrub Gourmet 60g X 5pcs

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Exfoliation and cleansing

Body scrub with an active formula and an appetizing, ultra-sensory

texture. It smoothes the skin and purifi es it deep down, leaving it soft

and fi rm.

Smoothes and detoxifi es in depth, transforming exfoliation into a

deep wellbeing ritual

Recharges and energizes, promoting antioxidant action

«Yummie» and ultra-sensorial Texture

Easy to use, convinient, quick

Active ingredients - Kiwi ,Chlorophyll, Spirulina

How to use

Massage the product on slightly damp skin – for a gentler scrub – or

on dry skin – for a greater exfoliating eff ect – focusing on the rougher

parts (elbows, knees, heels and feet), then rinse.

Use once or twice a week, in the shower or bath.


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