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bdr beauty defect repair

bdr Re-set 4D Eye Serum 15ml

bdr Re-set 4D Eye Serum 15ml

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Cell-rejuvenating eye and lip fluid with 4-dimensional effect conquers the signs of time. The unique application technique in combination with a refreshing light texture supplies the delicate eye area with longlasting moisture, reduces puffiness and dark circles. The sensitive lip area is visibly softened and smoothed.
Administer twice daily to the sensitive eye or lip area by carefully rotating the application globe, avoiding any use of pressure. Gently pat in with fingertips.
Skin aging processes are impressively smoothed with lasting results. An exclusive selection of phyto-extracts actively shield against free radicals, providing a anti-allergenic, soothing and anti-inflammatory skin protection. Several interacting layers of regenerative and protective systems packed with anti-aging properties detect all skin type needs/requirements and is equally effective for all skin types – even expanded microvascular blood vessels.
Apply morning and evening after cleansing for a renewed, radiant skin.

  • PANTHENOL: Belongs to the vitamin B group that is found in yeast, vegetables, grains, peanuts, liver, etc. It plays an important part in the keratinization of the epidermis, hair and nails. Panthenol supports the cell renewal of the skin, promotes healing and acts against inflammation. For a velvety skin, panthenol is used against skin irritations as well as a relief of mild sunburn.
  • PEPTIDE COMPLEX: The peptide complex is a tripeptide, esterified with fatty acids that improves the immune capacity of the skin. Increases the moisture content, activates improved collagen formation and swiftly penetrates deep into the skin. This active ingredient promotes elasticity, immune defenses and healthy skin radiance.
  • VITAMIN E: Tocopherol is a fat-soluble vitamin that has outstanding cosmetic properties and is extremely anti-oxidative and skin conditioning. Tocopherol improves skin moisture and can even eliminate fine wrinkles. Also used as a natural sunscreen, protecting against premature skin aging. Vitamin E promotes healing and reduces inflammation.
  • SUNFLOWER OIL: Highly recommended oil component containing unsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid, linoleic acid) and vitamin E. with smoothing, protective and moisturizing properties. Delivers auxins, a plant hormone, known to delay premature skin aging.
  • HEMP OIL: Intensively nourishing and soothing. Smooths and softens the skin
  • ALLANTOIN: Is considered to have wound healing, skin-smoothing and cell regenerating properties. The stratum corneum softening effect loosens dead skin cells and supports drainage of sebum. Stimulates cell regeneration and soothes irritated skin.


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