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BABOR ESSENTIAL CARE - Lip Balm (no box)

BABOR ESSENTIAL CARE - Lip Balm (no box)

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Lip balm with hyaluronic acid for soft, smooth, beautifully nourished lips

Beautiful lips are as much a part of facial care as beautifully cared-for skin. But the delicate skin of the lips requires its own care, which takes into account their specific needs. The Essential Care Lip Balm intensively hydrates particularly dry, chapped lips and leaves a pleasantly soft feeling thanks to a variety of natural oils and waxes.

The Essential Care Lip Balm stimulates the three most important properties of supple, nourished lips: Moisture retention, effective skin protection and nourishing care.
Thanks to the intensive care of various, nourishing oils and waxes, the Essential Care Lip Balm leaves the lips looking supple, soft and plump.



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