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BABOR DOCTOR BABOR - POWER SERUM AMPOULES - Ceramide 7x2ml (only a few left)

BABOR DOCTOR BABOR - POWER SERUM AMPOULES - Ceramide 7x2ml (only a few left)

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Repairing, Protection, Strengthening

For a weakened skin barrier

CERAMIDE POWER SERUM AMPOULES combines skin-identical ceramide 3, phospholipids, and sphingolipids with 2D Hyaluronic Acid, which perfectly binds with the skin’s natural lipids which help to strengthen & protect the skin barrier.

 Strengthens and protects the skin barrier
• Balances the skin's moisture levels
• Intensely hydrates

High-performance Active Ingredients:

Ceramide 3: Strengthens & protects the skin barrier and locks in moisture
Phospholipids & sphingolipids: Balances the skin’s moisture levels
2D Hyaluronic Acid: Intensely hydrates
Niacinamide: Strengthens the skin barrier and protects against skin against moisture loss

✔️ Fragrances
✔️Artificial Colorants

•Use after cleansing with BABOR CLEANSING products.
•Shake the ampoule before use.
•Wrap a tissue around the neck of the ampoule, grasp it firmly, and with a sharp movement snap it open at the lower, colored ring. Alternatively, use the enclosed ampoule opener.
•Pour the concentrate into the palm of your hand and then smooth over your face, neck, and décolleté. Pat gently and follow with a BABOR moisturizer.
•Always apply the entire contents of the ampoule.
•Use daily for 7 days.


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