BABOR AGE ID Eye Contour Pencil 1g - 4 Shades

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The luxury liner

A long-lasting eye contour pencil to accentuate the eye area. Available in 4 shades.

Eye Contour Pencil is ideal for tracing precise, fine contours.

Eye Contour Pencil is super easy to apply. Thanks to its colour intensity and the perfect way it dispenses colour, there is no need to retrace the line. It is also long lasting.

Using the Eye Contour Pencil, draw a line along the lower lid, from the outer to the inner corner of the eye. For added definition, extend the line at the outer corner.
Then draw a line above the lash line on the upper lid, from the outer corner (joining up with the extended line on the lower lid), to the inner corner of the eye. The foam rubber applicator at the end of the pencil is ideal for blending softly or for correcting the line.
If necessary, sharpen the pencil with a make-up pencil sharpener.