WELLDERMA Magic Cleansing Cookie Set/3 pcs

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Korea WellDerma Magic Cleansing Cookies All-In-One is a perfect make-up remover that is chemical-free. It is made of a special fine fabric of German technology that does not irritate the skin during cleaning. A set of three make-up cakes White - Kapok Fiber: Makeup Remover (BB Cream, Sunscreen, Cream) Brown - Wheat fiber: unloading moderate makeup Black - Activated Carbon Fiber: Remove heavy makeup The fiber material of the fabric is made in Germany and only one percent of the hair is fine. It penetrates pores to cleanse the skin and helps increase blood circulation. It can be reused 200 times. Instructions: 1) After moisturizing the remover cake with water, gently massage the face to remove makeup on the face. 2) After use, please wash the cleansing cake with water and soap. It can be reused 200 times

Change the way to be clean. Start new way of cleansing your face!
All in one perfect cleansing without chemical ingredients
1. Low irritation cleansing
2. All in one Cleanser
3. Special fiber technology

4. Remove Make Up