VAGHEGGI Terracotta Bronzing Powder 5g

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The phyto soul of Vagheggi is the essence of our new makeup; 
tapioca starch, micronized seaweed powder, chia seeds, larch, 
sunflower and macadamia oil, Muru Muru butter, 
natural plant extracts such as theobroma cacao, avocado and marshmallow 
characterize the serums of our lines skin care products and 
also enrich the various formulas of our foundations, correctors, 
powders and blushes, making them specific to the needs of each 
type of skin by creating a perfect synergy between the bases of the face and 
the foundations.

Composed of 50% special powders and 50% distilled water which are mixed and baked at 70 ° C for at least 10 hours, then hand polished one by one. Terracotta therefore has a "wet" pigment that is more efficient, more durable and has a beautiful color intensity. Shade the complexion for a "sunbathing" effect! Minimizes the appearance of impurities.