THALGO Thalgomen Shaving Gel 100ml

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Thalgo Men Shaving Gel is for men seeking an anti-irritation shaving product for daily use. The texture provides a feeling of freshness and soothes the skin while making shaving easier and less irritating. Perfectly shaved and soothed, the skin is ideally smooth and soft, with no oily film. Transparent blue foaming Gel. Alcohol-free. Subtle masculine scent: Fruity, spicy with a woody note, musky. Neutral pH.
Active Ingredients:
- Blue Vital Algae® - energizes the skin; fights cellular stress; encourages cell renewal; fights the first signs of aging
- Cephalipin - bandage effect; encourages healing; reduces coagulation time by 50% in the event of cuts
Before shaving, spread a small amount of Thalgo Men Shaving Gel into the beard/bearded area. Shave and rinse with water.