THALGO Nutri Soothing Rich Cream 50ml

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Thalgo Nutri-Soothing Rich Cream is the first skin care cream enriched with Cold Cream Marine that effectively replenishes, soothes and repairs dry and sensitive skin, and restores a feeling of comfort for up to 24 hours. This is a rich balm, infused with a high-performance nourishing power for very dry and sensitive skin. Tightness, tingling, irritation, roughness and itching are reduced. Sweet and comforting scent, allergen free.
Active Ingredients:
- Cold Cream Marine contains Algae Oil (replenishes), Algae Wax (soothes), and Sève Bleu from the Oceans (repairs)
- Lipopeptide - Neuro-cosmetic soothing
- Organic white lupin extract – corrects the lip metabolism
- Wheat germ oil (protects against dehydration) and Pine Phytosterols (reinforce skin barrier and prevent dehydration)