THALGO Indoceane Scented Candle 140g

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For all those wanting to fragrance their homes with a beautiful, warm fragrance, taking you on a journey to the heart of the Orient.

DescriptionA divine, sensorial journey to the heart of the Orient, where spicy notes of Coriander, Cardamom and Incense meet inviting notes of PatchouliIndoceane Spa Ritual
Close your eyes and be drawn into a dream of serenity on a Far Eastern journey. From stopover to stopover, divine scents and colours combine with the richness of the sea.
• Mediterranean stopover, prelude with citrus flavours: Sweet and Savoury Body Scrub
• Egyptian stopover, relax on the Nile: Precious Milk Bath
• Indian stopover, tranquillity on the Sacred Ganges: Indocéane Indian Massage
• Chinese stopover, temple of Beauty: Silky Smooth Body WrapBurn the candle for at least one hour when using for the first time. Ensure that the wick is always vertical, central and not too long (less than 1cm). Cut if necessary.