SPARITUAL Inhale Collection Nourishing Nail Colour - Slow Beauty 15ml

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This is our brand new color SLOW BEAUTY to honor our philosophical approach to beauty and self-care. Slow Beauty is a beauty that endures. It is about being in a deep, meaningful relationship with self so you are best able to share the love with others and life itself. Wear Slow Beauty to set an intention around developing a sustainable self-care practice. As we advocate and activate for real lasting change on this planet we will need moments of slow beauty now more than ever- moments to renew, recharge, reboot so we have the strength and wherewithal for the long haul.

Slow Beauty is a new creme from our new 10-Free formula, Nourishing Vegan Color. This all-in-one formula will lengthen, strengthen, and brighten your nails. No need for basecoat or topcoats, just 2 coats of color.