ROSACTIVE Bio-Moonlight Cream 50ml

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Night & day brightening cream with a fine citrus aroma. It is rich of natural active ingredients that help to inhibit melanin overproduction and regenerate the skin and therefore prevent age spots and pigmentation marks from spreading. It also has a deep moisturizing and softening effect.

Satsuma Mandarin Extract Jojoba Oil Bilberry Extract Kojic Diplamitate Glycolic Acid Sugar Cane Extract Orange Extract Lemon fruit extract and peel oil Sugar Marple Extract (Citrus Unshiu) - It has properties which inhibit the synthesis of melanin, the black pigment responsible for marks on the skin. (Simmondsia chinensis) - Jojoba oil moisturizes dry skins and has a soothing properties. (Vaccinium Mirtillus) Astringent, Vein protectant, toner. - It is used for skin lightening and anti-melasma. Effective for inhibiting melanin production, tyrosinase inhibitor. - It has gentle but effective exfoliating properties. (Saccharum Officinarum) - Minimizes the effect of ageing. (Citrus Dulcis) Antioxidant, protecting with vitamin C. Stimulates the skin regeneration. (Citrus Medica Limonium) - The first component has brightening and antioxidant properties, while the second one is an excellent natural astringent and antiseptic. (Acer Saccharinum) Moisturizing and smoothing effect. PH: 5.0/6.5

As home care product: in the morning and in the evening apply the product on face, eyes contour, neck and décolleté, especially on pigmentation marks or on melasma, massaging till complete absorption.