PHYT'S Noir Diamant Cream Eyeshadow (Black) 2.5g

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A hybrid formula combining the suppleness of a cream and the finish of a powder. Its silky and soft texture adorns your eyes with light and delivers a tint infused with pearly reflections. Upon application, this Noir Diamant Bio eyeshadow hugs your eyelids while giving them a feeling of comfort and lightness. Our Treasures of Light are available in 7 shades that are easy to wear and combine.

Creamy powder eyeshadow - Good hold

Skin type : Eyes (even the most sensitive)
Expectation: Illuminate, reflect, cover

ingredients : Castor *, Aloe Vera *, Vegetable Vitamin E, Natural mineral talc, Mica, Pigments and natural mineral pearls
* ingredients from Organic Farming

For a soft color, stretch the eyeshadow with your fingertips, or for more intensity, using the  Foam Applicator Brush .
Tips: For an intensified color and a maximum hold, use the  Sublimator  below. To enhance the look, complete with a line of Eye Pencil or Eye-Liner , and finally  Multi-Effects Mascara .