PHYT'S Multi-Effects Brown Mascara 9.5ml

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With a formula enriched with natural vegetable waxes and oils, the Organic Brown Multi-Effects Mascara ensures your eyelashes length, volume and intensity. Its curved brush, with a dynamic design, optimizes these results: the short pins coat the eyelashes at the base while providing them with volume, while the long pins lengthen and separate them. Available in 2 colors, from intense to natural, you will be naturally glamorous!

Length, volume & intensity

Skin type : Eyes (even the most sensitive)
Expectation: Lengthen, define, intensify

Active ingredients :
Sunflower *, Castor *, Beeswax *, Candelilla, Plant Polyglycerides, Aloe Vera *, Plant Vitamin E, Natural mineral pigments
* ingredients from Organic Farming

Looking down, apply the brush of the Multi-Effects Mascara close to your upper lashes and make a zigzag movement to coat each of them. Then stretch the texture to the tip to lengthen them and enlarge your look. Then make up light strokes on your lower lashes.