PHYT'S Huile Solaire Ylang Sans Filtre Nourishing Body Oil without SPF 100ml

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Natural, non-protective sun oil for skin which is already tanned, golden, radiant, evencolored. For skin that is supple, smooth, glowing and silky.

Nourishing* oil without SPF

Skin type : All skin types
Expectation : Sublimises, nourishes*

Active ingredients :
Ylang Ylang*, Wheatgerm*, Sunflower*’ Hazelzut*, Vegetal Vitamin E
* ingredients from organic farming

Application :
Apply on a « pre-tanned » skin before and after exposure to the sun. Sun over-exposure is a serious threat for your health. Do not sunbathe too long and avoid exposure from 12h to 16h.
Tip : Can also be used on the lenght of the hair.