PHYT'S Grain de Romance (Exfoliating Cream) 200ml

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Refined blend of Rice grains and Cotton flower, this Organic exfoliating cream gently removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft, radiant and enveloped in a fragrance with delicate and exquisitely floral and powdery notes.

Active ingredients :
Rice Grains*, Sunflower*, Cotton flower*, Vegetal Vitamin E
* ingredients from Organic Farming

Application :
Apply by circular movements on dry or wet skin then rinse with water. Insist on rough areas (calluses, knees, elbows…) to refine the skin texture.
Tip : For a complete floral powdery experience, then cleanse your skin with the shower foam Nuage de Douceur, then moisturize it with the body milk Tendre Caresse.