PHYT'S Brown Eyeliner 3.5ml

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The essential Brown Organic Eye-Liner is a real calligraphy tool. It highlights your eyes with a brown color, which will delight all women, from the most natural to the most sophisticated. Thanks to its soft and flexible foam tip, it offers you a precise and modular layout, from the thinnest to the thickest, for a metamorphosed look!

Emphasizes & intensifies

Skin type : Eyes (even the most sensitive)
Expectation: Precise line, extreme color


ingredients : Sesame *, Vegetable polyglycerides, Vegetable glycerin, Vegetable vitamin E, Natural mineral pigments
* ingredients from Organic Farming

With a flexible gesture, follow the shape of the eye by sliding the brush close to the lashes, from the external angle towards the middle of the eyelid. Then start from the internal angle, still pressing on the eyelashes to reach the first line.
Tip: To enhance the look, then apply your  Multi-Effects Mascara .