PHYT'S Beige Clair Foundation (Pale Beige) 40g

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Fall for this Organic Light Beige Foundation, specially designed for clear skin tones! Formulas concentrated in pigments for optimal light coverage. Available in 5 shades, the Phyt's Organic Make-Up Foundation offers fluid and satin textures, non-greasy, non-comedogenic, which sublimate the complexion and deposit on the skin an infinitely soft and delicately powdered veil. All naturalness, imperfections blur, the complexion unifies and the skin becomes smooth.

Clear carnation

Skin type  : All skin types
Expectation: Hydrate, anti-aging, unify

ingredients : vegetable squalane, Aloe Vera *, vegetable glycerin, vegetable sugars (from wood), acacia, sunflower, talc, silica, vegetable vitamin E, natural mineral pigments
* ingredients from organic farming

To choose your foundation, apply a touch in the extension of the face on your lower jaw. It should blend with your skin tone and not create a demarcation. Apply with fingertips starting with the middle area and then stretching towards the outer contours of the face.