PAYOT Pate Grise Clarifying Treatment For Blemishes 15ml

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Pâte Grise

Purifying care

This secret formula by Dr Payot works while you sleep to accelerate the maturation of minor sub- cutaneous spots and make them disappear from the very next morning! Calming sweet almond relieves the skin and locally soothes sensitised areas. The double shale extract regulates sebaceous secretions and encourages the disappearance of regular minor spots.

PAYOT advice: Apply locally to imperfections every evening after cleansing and toning.

Main active ingredients

Due to their anti-seborrheic nature, schist extracts activate the maturing process of blemishes whilst neutralising bacteria. Talcum absorbs impurities.

A mythical formula created by Dr Nadia Payot, Pâte Grise has been the benchmark for flawless skin for 3 generations!