PAYOT Cicaexpert Speed Recovery Skin Care 40ml

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Skin repair accelerator

Altered skin is skin where cutaneous barrier has been damaged following environmental aggressions (dry patches, chapping, scratches, etc.) or aesthetic skin treatments.

CICAEXPERT recreates the ideal cell environment to enable the skin to regain its original biological functions.

The formula, enriched with cell growth factors, promotes the skinrestructuring process by stimulating the production of new cells. A complex of soothing and healing active ingredients provides the elements the skin needs for the restoration of quality cutaneous tissue.


PAYOT advice: Apply locally twice a day in a thick layer on the damaged area previously cleansed and dried. Do not apply on open sores.

Main active ingredients

Cellular Growth Factors : Encourages the cutaneous reconstruction. Restores the bio-mechanics properties of the skin. Mineral complex - Zinc, Copper and Manganese : Stimulates the production of new cells. Centella asiatica : Promotes cell renewal, repairs the epidermis. Vitamin B5 : Regenerative properties. Oat extracts : Sanitises and disinfects the skin. Hyaluronic acid : Powerful moisturiser, captures water molecule