OXYNERGY Power Infuse Collagen Mask 5pcs

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Power Infuse / Mask


Collagen mask were developed for a medical purpose: treat severe burns. Then the application was extended to aesthetic and beauty procedures. This refreshing, active second skin mask is a network of native collagen fibers, very similar to the human skin structure, obtained through a special freeze-drying manufacturing process. It ensures the preservation of the nativity of the collagen, its original character, biological activity, skin tolerance and a preservative free product. The main indications of collagen masks are skin moisturizing and soothing as they have an extreme water-binding capacity. They ensure an effective water and collagen transfer into the skin to give a fresh, radiant appearance. Collagen masks are activated directly on the skin by adding pure water and serums.
 1. Fold the sheet (A4 format) lengthwise and place on the face. 2. Lightly mark the areas for mouth and nose with the fingernails. Cut out the marked points with scissors. Keep the cutouts for later treatment of the nose. 3. Fill a pipette with approximately 45 ml of thermal water and 5 ml of MY SERUM. 4. Place the cutout mask on the face and moisten well with the help of the pipette. Start at the nostrils and work from the middle of the face to the sides. Subsequently apply the separate nose portion and moisten. The mask is sufficiently moistened when there are no air bubbles and the mask is positioned like a second skin. Tip: You can apply drenched cotton wool pads to ensure the skin contact of the mask around the eyes. 5. Leave the mask for approximately 20 minutes. The active ingredients are now released and penetrate the skin. 6. Then apply the cream.
  • For all skin conditions.
  • Moisturizes.
  • Soothes & Refreshes.
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Firm the skin.
  • Personalized skin care program.