NO MAKE UP Ø FLASH TODAY Hydration Accelerator Spray 100ml

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Yeah, if we were all living as influencers in L.A., we could jump into our pool in the morning for refreshment. But even if that's not possible, your skin can always get its "California feeling".

Ø flash today
Our special face spray with a moisture complex extracted from sustainable sources in combination with cross-linked, vegetable hyaluronic acid gives your skin a fresh kick, the ocean is nothing against it.

HyaCare Filler CL

  • Cross-linked hyaluronic acid
  • better stability against enzymatic decomposition
  • Improved and longer lasting moisturizing effect
  • Filler - reduction of skin roughness
  • Aquaxyl

    • Strengthens the skin barrier.
    • Smoothes the microrelief of the skin.
    • Promotes the healthy differentiation of the epidermis and fills the internal water reservoirs.
    • Proven in vivo to balance the long-term drying effects of glycerin.