MARY COHR New Youth Sun Care 50ml

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The skin is soothed and regenerated after exposure to the sun and the harmful effects of UV rays on skin ageing are offset. Tanning is facilitated and enhanced thanks to the product's active ingredients -- melanin precursors.

- Prior to sun exposure: Rich in active rejuvenating ingredients, New Youth Sun Care helps neutralise the harmful effects of free radicals.
- After sun exposure: Compensates for the harmful effects of UV rays, which lead to premature signs of skin ageing.
- Dual skin rejuvenating action in the sun.

   Skin Types

All skin types


Apply to the face, neck and décolleté in the morning underneath your sun protection cream, and in the evening for skin ‘repair’ care after sun exposure.

Warning: This product does not contain a protective sunscreen and and does not protect against sunburn.


Paraben free.