MARY COHR Body Firming Cream Comfort 200ml

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Remodelling and comfort
A rich and silky-feel remodelling and toning cream which firms skin after pregnancy -- the bust, arms, hips, thighs and stomach.
The skin is visibly firm and toned and the body is remodelled.
  • Crelastin:
    A powerful firming agent which recreates the elasticity of the skin by increasing the synthesis of  support tissue (elastic fibres and collagen), restoring suppleness and firmness, while at the same time preventing and minimising stretch marks.
Apply morning and/or evening to the whole of the body, giving particular attention to the areas in question (thighs, tummy, arms, etc.). Increase the effectiveness of Défi Fermeté Confort by applying it after using Essences Vitales Synergisantes, a results booster containing essential oils.