KOCOSTAR Pore Care Brush

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This pore care brush is made with non-toxic silicone material that will prevent molds or any harmful bacteria on the product.
0.045mm thin and 260,000 soft bristles will remove any leftover make-up or waste in pores.
1 pore brush 1 hanger 1 snail soap
Made in Korea
Snail Soap:
snail secretion filtrate, soap base, tocopherol, mung bean extract, blettia rhizome extract, ginseng extract, chamomile oil, aloevera extract, cnidium extract, licorice extract, armeniacae extract, alkoxy glycerol extract, jojoba oil, squalene
  1. Water your face and wet the brush
  2. Lather the brush with the attached snail soap or your cleanser until sufficient foam is formed
  3. Cleanse your face with the brush in circular motion
  4. After cleansing with the brush, wash your face with warm or cold water