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JUVENA SKIN SPECIALIST Skin Nova SC Serum 30ml (only 1 left)

JUVENA SKIN SPECIALIST Skin Nova SC Serum 30ml (only 1 left)

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Must-have: the ultimate skin renewing serum for an amazingly radiant and streamlined complexion.

For all skin types. Based on the JUVENA unique SkinNova SC Technology, this highly effective, fragrance-free face serum improves skin’s quality. Skin’s quality and structure will be improved and its functions are strengthened. Diminishes unevenness and soothes irritations. Ideal supplement for the care that follows. Perceivably better skin quality. Like newly created.

SkinNova SC Technology

Every morning and evening after cleansing, apply under your usual facial product.

All skin types


SKINNOVA SC TECHNOLOGY for fresh, new skin. Symbiosis of Skinnova Technology and stem cell peptide. This dually revolutionary technology offers the synergetic effect of a skin friendly base for the renewal of cells.

1) Skinnova Technology creates the perfect micro-environment. The lifelong renewal process of new and existing cells is being protected.

2) Unique stem cell peptide activates the skin’s stem cells for the production of fresh, new skin.


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