JUVENA SKIN SPECIALIST Moisture Plus Gel Mask 75ml

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Cascade to soothe and relax skin.

For skin that is dehydrated, stressed and easily irritated. Based on the JUVENA unique SkinNova SC Technology this fragrance-free and intensely hydrating face gel mask improves skin’s quality. In combination with a moisturizing complex it refreshes, cools and hydrates skin. Intensely hydrated, calmed and soothed skin. Like newly created.

SkinNova SC Technology



Apply to cleansed skin, spare eye area, let work for 10 min. Remove any residues with a tissue or water.

All skin types


Chondrus Crisps re-activates and stimulates cellular metabolism and restores the skin-energy balance. Today, oarweed is used for the production of alginates, but is also served as a kelp vegetable, thanks to its high proportion of minerals and trace elements, most notably potassium and calcium. In cosmetics, it re-activates and stimulates cellular metabolism, and thus restores the skin-energy balance.