JUVENA SKIN ENERGY Moisture Eye Cream 15ml

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All-round eye cream to combat signs of fatigue and early lines and wrinkles.

This soft-textured eye cream provides precious moisture and also reduces the severity of initial lines and wrinkles and mitigates the appearance of dark circles and the feeling of puffiness under the eyes. Based on JUVENA’s exclusive SkinNova SC Technology, this cream improves the quality of your skin. It cares for the sensitive area around your eyes  and optimizes their sparkle. Fresh, clean, radiant skin around your eyes. Like newly created.

SkinNova SC Technology

Vitamin E

Hyaluronic Acid

Macadamia Nut Oils

Shea Nut Oils

Provitamin B5

Calendula Extract

Centella Asiatica Extract

Ruscus Aculeatus Extract

Gently apply to eye area.

all skin types


The calendula is mainly based in europe and has been deployed for generations in the folk medicine as a tea brew, as a tincture to release cramps, to detoxify and to strenghten the liver. External sufferings like poorly healing wounds, are being moderated with the help o the highly compatible calendula extract. The calendula extract has become a very important part of cosmetic skincare products due to its calming and anti-inflammatory effect.