JUVENA SKIN ENERGY Moisture Cream 50ml

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Moisturizing skin care for radiantly fresh skin that is bursting with energy.

For skin that needs special moisturizing and renewed energy. Day and night! Based on JUVENA’s exclusive SkinNova SC Technology, this cream improves the quality of your skin. This intensive mositurizing and energizing formula combined with a wild rhododendron stem cell extract refreshes and revitalizes the skin. Valuable oils add extra softness and suppleness. Noticeably softer and fresher skin with sparkling radiance. Like newly created.

SkinNova SC Technology

Silk Extract

Hyaluronic Acid

Vitamin E

Macadamia Nut Oils

Shea Nut Oils

Apply to the face after cleansing.

normal skin


For an unbelievably soft feeling and extra moisturizing effect. Moisturizes the skin and binds the skin’s own moisture. Absorbed quickly by the skin thanks to its own skin-related structure. Extremely skin-friendly. Keeps skin soft and silky, gives it the feeling of being well groomed.