JUVENA PURE CLEANSING Calming Tonic 200ml (only 1 left)

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The perfect way to complement your cleansing routine. With calming, moisturizing effect.

For skin that needs a very mild cleansing finish. This calming alcohol-free face tonic with soothing water lily extract and the unique Vitamin Prepare Complex gently removes residues of cleansing milk or foam while maintaining skin’s moisture. Gently cleansed and soothed skin. Perfectly prepared for the care products to follow.

Vitamin Prepare Complex

Water Lily Extract

Every morning and evening after cleansing, pour onto cotton pad and smooth over face and neck.

normal to dry skin


Water Lily is a plant that grows in water of ponds. Its big leaves are spread on the surface of the water while its flowers seem to float over them. Since times gone by water lilies are regarded as symbols of freshness, purity, beauty and tranquility. Calming effects are attributed to the extract.