JUVENA MIRACLE CARE Miracle Beauty Mask 75ml

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The 10 minute beauty sleep for your skin!

Relaxes and refreshes the skin in a very short time - like a restful beauty sleep!



Skin Types:

  • Normal to Dry
  • Mature


  • Intensive deep regeneration for visible more resilience and palpably softer skin
  • Gives new energy and fights sustainably signs of tiredness
  • Improves firmness and smoothens lines wrinkles
  • For radiantly youthful skin
  • Stimulates release of calcium in the skin and increases skin’s energy potential
  • Protects against free radicals and therefore protects against premature skin aging
  • Triples skin firmness and quadruples its resilience
  • Offers your skin the ideal “feel-good climate”, improves sustainably skin quality and guarantees optimal skin care supply of nutrients
    • Apply the soft and creamy beauty mask on cleansed and lotioned skin and enjoy a 5-10 minutes rest while the mask puts your skin in a true beauty sleep.
    • Choose then if you want to massage in possible remains, gently remove them with a tissue or rinse off excesses with lukewarm water for an additional refreshment.
    • Use this special treat mask whenever there isn’t much time for a beauty sleep!


    • Allow yourself a personal pampering ritual.
    • Apply the mask in the evening on cleansed and prepared skin and massage the mask after 5 minutes in instead of applying your night care. Enjoy your double beauty sleep for a relaxed, fresh awakening in the morning.
    • Active Ingredients:

      • EUGLENIA GRACILIS EXTRACT BIOTECHNOLOGICALLY RECREATED The natural Euglenia Gracilis (pseudo-microalgae) often lives in fresh water and is provided with vegetable and animal characteristics. The microalgae has a high survivability even in extreme situations and is able to feed and to metabolize itself in various ways. Biotechnologically recreated, we use exactly this function in order to stimulate the important factors of the metabolic process of the skin and to strengthen its regenerative abilities. The cell metabolism is activated through stimulation of the release of calcium and increase of energy balance. Signs of tiredness are visibly reduced, the skin is fresher and gets more resilience.
      • HYALURONIC ACID (SHORT - AND LONG-CHAINED) The long-chained hyaluronic acid builds a water film on the skin surface, smoothens fine lines and wrinkles and protects the skin against drying out. The short-chained hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the skin and pads the skin from within. The skin is visibly refreshed and vitalized.
      • SKINNOVA SC TECHNOLOGY The JUVENA-exclusive technology offers the skin cells the ideal micro-environment for optimal development and activates the skin’s own cells to develop fresh, new cells.
      • PENTAVITIN This skin-identical carbohydrate complex derived from natural sugar intensively moisturizes the skin with a 72-hour long-term effect. The complex binds with the keratin of the horny layer and transfers its moisturizing capacity like a magnet to the overall upper layer of the skin. Its intensive moisturizing effect reduces the transepidermal water loss in the skin and strengthens the skin’s own protective function.
      • VITAMIN E Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect and intensively protects the cells against free radicals. Due to protection against premature skin aging, it contributes indirectly to anti-aging.
      • BISABOLOL The anti-inflammatory main active ingredient of the camomile oil (or yarrow) accelerates wound healing, has a calming effect and regenerates the skin.