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Skincare meets neuroscience. Eye care for sensitive skin with signs of the first fine lines. Based on JUVENA’s exclusive SkinNova SC Technology, this gentle, unperfumed eye cream improves the texture of the skin. It helps to counter the signs of skin ageing and reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. Wellcared for, balanced and smooth skin around the eyes. Like newly created.

synergetic plant complex

Gently apply to eye area.

Sensitive skin

when skincare meets neuroscience

Our skin has to cope with more and more different stress factors. They cause it to overreact; it becomes tense, and ultimately starts to age more quickly than expected. Many of these influences such as daylight, computer rays or environmental pollution can only be reduced to a certain extent, since they are an inherent factor in our generation‘s lifestyle. However, intensive chemical peels, prolonged sunbathing, a poor diet and a lack of sleep also cause problems for our skin.

So what actually happens in our body when our skin starts to show its limits and ages prematurely? Our brain reads the wrong signals and sends messenger substances to the skin, which in turn reacts sensitively to them. In order to heal its “wounds”, it now breaks down more tissue than the regular cell division rhythm intends. Result: over the long-term, the skin ages visibly and noticeably faster!