EVE TAYLOR Wellbeing Duo - Winter Duo

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Our Wellbeing Duos are the ultimate aromatherapy. The bestselling diffuser blends
included in the sets have now been blended into delightful aromatherapy gels that you
can wear on your skin.

Winter Synergy Duo Box Set
The ideal solution for winter chills and ills, summer colds or travelling. Tunisian Rosemary
and minty Eucalyptus have a clearing and cooling effect, whilst French alpine Lavender soothe and comfort. Ravansara offers anti-septic, anti-bacterial properties and enhances with a warm crispness. Madagascan Palmarosa adds a note of greenery, clearing the mind and stimulating the senses.

Gel application: Apply a thin layer to upper chest area, base of back and soles of feet at
times of chills or ills to experience clearing, decongesting effects. Excellent to apply to the upper chest area before boarding aircraft to create a protective anti-bacterial shield to ward away aviation germs.

Contains: Winter Gel 50ml and Winter Diffuser Blend 10ml