ERICSON LABORATOIRE Slim-Face-Lift Duo Force Serums 2 x 30ml

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Contains 2 serums - Fibro Elastic Serum & Lipo Drain Serum

To visibly sharpen the contours of your face, the double serums combines two essential treatments of slimming and lifting:
- reduction of skin fat to relieve and refine the facial contour and neck line
- stimulation of the elastin fibres in order to better sustain the cutaneous tissues

For maximum efficacy, the DUO FORCE SERUMS work in synergy.

Every morning, Fibro Elastic Serum acts like a true tensor film to immediately lift facial contours.

Every night, Lipo Drain Serum will refine and restructure the facial contours.



Fibro Elastic Serum - A genuine tightening effect, immediately lifts the skin and tightens facial contours.

Key Active Ingredients:

I. Uplevity - Tightening effect and powerful lifting

II. Ichtycollagene - Stimulates the formation of dermal collagen

III. Acerola Extract - Contributes to collagen building

Lipo Drain Serum - Redefines and restructures the facial contours. Its fluid texture allows it to be used for a light slimming massage.

Key Active Ingredients:

I. Slim-Excess - Restructures the facial contour

II. Scopariane - Slimming effect; stimulates the production of Collagen I

III. Witch Hazel Extract - Soothing, excellent veinotonic