ERICSON LABORATOIRE OSMO THERMY Osmo Thermy Cellulite 2 x 200ml

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Take some time out in your bathroom by offering your senses an unforgettable sensory getaway with OSMO-SENS beauty rituals. Recreate at home a SPA, source of escape and well-being, during the time of a home treatment. This ritual consists of remineralizing salt crystals and aromatic oils to instantly relieve you of fatigue and stress and help you unwind and escape from the worries of everyday life.

Well-being rituals
OSMO-SENS box sets have been designed for you to enjoy the benefits of a SPA at home. The textures and fragrances were selected with the utmost care so that these relaxing breaks bring you a feeling of total relaxation.

Revitalizing salt scrub, rejuvenating bath with essential oils or remineralizing bath salts and aromatic relaxing massage. Your body revels in a feeling of well-being and your mind becomes peaceful.

Slimming sensory getaway. Tones and reshapes the figure. Improves the appearance of orange peel skin.